Maestro Health


Live Site

Maestro Health is a healthcare provider located in downtown Chicago that believes employee benefits should be more than just another headache. Their technology and services simplify, personalize and optimize the benefits experience – not just during enrollment, but throughout the entire year.

I was hired as a freelancer to build out a one-page promotion to celebrate their previous system being replaced with a new more easy to use one. After Maestro Health provided me with static mockups of what the site should look like, I worked with the Senior Marketing Specialist and Chief Marketing Officer to ensure the provided designs would work on both desktop and mobile screens. I built the whole page using the Bootstrap 3 framework as the project initially only called for experience in HTML and CSS. Later on, a new functionality was requested that the video play when a mouse hovered over the video. I have some Javascript knowledge as well and was able to accommodate the feature that you can see below in a CodePen, or by visiting the live site here.

See the Pen QgvOJo by Danny (@djmaller) on CodePen.